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Saturday, May 07, 2011

How to Save Searches on Twitter

Did you know you can save searches on Twitter? When you save a search, you can always come back and get the latest results for that query, without ever having to type in the same words. In one click, you can view search results for topics that matter most to you.
How to Save a Search:
  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Type your query into the search box at the top of the page (highlighted below) and press your return key
  3. Once your results appear, click the "Save this search" button (highlighted below)

How to Revisit a Saved Search:
  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Click on the "Searches" tab in the middle of your page
  3. Select which search you would like to visit in the drop-down menu that appears (as shown below)

How to Delete a Saved Search:
  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Open your saved search from the "Searches" dropdown menu (shown above)
  3. When results appear, you'll see a button to "Remove saved search"
  4. Click that button, and your search will no longer appear in your "Searches" tab

Having Trouble?

If you're having trouble with saved searches, check Search Troubleshooting articles for more information.


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