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Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to Remove Tagged Photos of You in FaceBook?

Have you ever been tagged in a facebook photo? While tagging is fun, it really think that it can also become annoying especially when I am tagged in photo that is not really of relation to me at all. It happened to me today, and immediately I wanted to remove the tag.

However, I could not believe how long it took me to figure out how I can remove myself from that tag. Anyway, I eventually did… And in this post i will show you how to remove tagged photos of you in facebook just for the sake of everybody else who does not know how to do it yet.

It’s really pretty simple. All you need to do is click on the “remove tag” next to your name (see image below). That’s it you are done! Notice the how invisible the “Remove Tag” is? Facebook , do something about this!

Can I delete the Photo?

If you still have issues with the photo being uploaded, then unfortunately ou could not delete the photo because it is not yours or in other words you are not the uploader. What you can do is ask the user who uploaded it to remove it or in some cases you may need to report the photo to facebook and file a DMCA notice.

NOTE: Check the latest upgrade on your Facebook profile on how to remove tag after this post was published.


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