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Monday, October 14, 2013

Apple products in history

We take a look at some of Apple disparity between how the products looked then, photographically, and how they look today.

The Apple Lisa 2 computer.

A prototype of the eMate computer.

The 1987 Macintosh SE.

An early Apple joystick.

A 1986 Apple mouse.

The 2002 iMac G4.

iPods in many colors.

The 2001 iMax G3 "Flower Power."

Macintosh PowerBook 170 LPGA Special Edition, 1992 

The Newton MessagePad 120.

Power Macintosh G3, 1999

Quicktake 100 Camera

Quicktake_200, an early Apple digital camera. 

Apple Lisa 2, 1984 

The Apple II computer


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