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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Charge your iPads with the Power of the Sun.

iPads and other tablets have revolutionized the world of portable computing, but it’s a real drag when your device runs out of juice halfway through your novel or while browsing the net. To solve the problem Voltaic Systems has designed a super cool carrier called
the Spark Tablet Case that not only keeps precious pads safe and dry, but also charges them with 4 heavy-duty solar panels. Just 10 hours of direct sunlight can charge an entire ipad, and an hour of sun produces up to an hour of full video playback. The panels are waterproof, lightweight, and compact, making it easy to juice up phones, cameras, and other handheld devices with one charger.

The Spark Tablet case is full of form and function from the inside out. Mesh pockets and lined sleeves keep all devices and tiny parts intact and in place. The case’s outer shell, made from recycled soda bottles, is super lightweight and incredibly durable, with a nice handle for grab and go. The solar panels produce up to 8 Watts of power, charging the universal battery inside. The battery can also be quick charged by plugging it into any USB port. The case can also pop open, held up by the tablet, to create a neat, compact work space while charging.


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